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Watercolours & Mixed Media

The works in watercolour focus on transparent colour mixing and the results that can be achieved by mixing on the paper. The working style is mainly representational and makes every effort to depict studies realistically.

The tone and texture of stone work is a particular feature of the art in both graphite and watercolour. The Southern Lake District, where Limn Studio is based, offers a wide range of natural and manmade features in the landscape from which inspiration is drawn.


Many of our watercolours and workshop discussions focus on texture and how to achieve this with granulating pigments. In our basic watercolour collection as used in our workshops we encourage using French Ultramarine Blue. Recently, for our own painting, we have been using Daniel Smiths Primatic Natural  Pigments. You can find a full description of techniques in our new Tutorial section.

All measurements are in centimetres.

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Photography by Mark Smith and Peter Tyson.

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