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A New Subject: RUST

24 September 2019

"Rust, far from spoiling, this form of iron is more virtuous, more useful and more noble, since without the tint of oxides of iron our whole world would be a place of ash grey." ...Ruskin

We are now exploring a new subject that we have been playing with for some time.

The subject came to us one day when we went by train to Ravenglass where we found a large cast iron anchor half buried in the sand. It was a very bright day with the sun bringing out a whole range of colours. Anne was immediately attracted to the challenge of capturing the image as found, namely making every effort to replicate the colour combinations and textures.

Anne's completed picture is the first on our Rust Gallery and has set the stage for searching out found objects for our collection to work from.

We have actually run a workshop on the subject in watercolour and the feed dback has inspired us to develop it in more depth. We will be sharing some of the results on our next posting.

Rusty anchor in watercolour

Wabi Sabi, Japanese wisdom for a perfectly Imperfect Life

The concept of Wabi Sabi to reshape our thoughts and perceptions encourages us to see beauty in imperfection, appreciate simplicity and accept the transient nature of all things, seeking meaning beyond materialism.


"Iron rusted is living but when pure or polished, is dead." ...Ruskin


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