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Use of granulating pigments in our rust themed work

August 2020

This picture forms part of our collection of rust pictures which we feel compelled to paint from time to time, the challenge being to replicate the colour combinations and textures. It becomes quite obsessive at times and even our Web Designer has been infected with the focus on the subject, collecting photographs of rusted items for us to paint. 

Many of our rust pictures make use of granulating pigments. We have been using our usual Winsor and Newton artists quality watercolours but also adding in a selected range of Daniel Smiths Primatic Natural Pigments. We also combine using some pigments collected from our local beach. The area is rich in iron where we find layers of varying colour intensities in the sand dunes.

The new picture combines all of the above which expands our range pigments to select from.

Rusty panel at Netherhouses using granulating pigments



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