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Our new Rust theme, cont'd...

July 2020

We have been exploring the use of granulating pigments in our rust themed work.


Granulation in Lockdown

June 2020

During Lockdown, Anne has recently been exercising on a rowing machine which has been installed in on of our spare bedrooms and began to think about a series of photographs of Beech Trees collected some time ago.


Heraldic Shield Commission - Celtic Artwork

6 May 2020

I have been asked by a family to produce a series of Heraldic shields for their family names, using Celtic artwork style and techniques.


My New Project - Gold and silver leaf antique finish chess board

6 April 2020

I am working a a new project using a deliberately adopted random technique while applying gold and silver leaf. Traditionally when guilding with pure gold leaf, the leaf is laid over an Armenian Bole (red in colour) adhesive. This produces a worn antique finish, following on from the 'beauty in imperfection' thoughts that are behind my interest in rust.


Spirals and the Golden Mean

3 December 2019

My background interest in geometry and my observation of natural objects to draw and paint has recently come together. I have developed an interest in trying to draw and paint nature's spirals using geometric constructions.


Open Studio with Patrick Corbett and Anne Robinson

24 September 2019

Limn Studio is more than a website name. It is an actual studio workspace of three separate rooms in the converted barn on the end of our house. It's where two Over Aged Painters spend most days playing with ideas from using a variety of materials, we call it experimenting and exploring, our friends and relatives call it PLAYING !


A New Subject: RUST

24 September 2019

We are now exploring a new subject that we have been playing with for some time.

The subject came to us one day when we went by train to Ravenglass where we found a large cast iron anchor half buried in the sand.



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