Limn Studio, Lake District, Cumbria

Patrick Corbett, Artist

My early training and work as an architect is reflected in my art work. I have worked as an art tutor for many years on Adult Education Courses and Art holidays. I firmly believe in carefully structured tuition and have considerable success in helping people of all levels of ability to further their artistic development.

Limn Studio was set up to enable me to share examples of my work and teaching techniques. I like to work with aspiring artists and enjoy working alongside those with more experience. I appreciate the opportunity to share ideas and the benefits which can arise from interaction. Over a number of years I have been working alongside Anne Robinson who has taught with me and has contributed work to the galleries. We also have been fortunate to have contributions to the illustrations in our teaching notes book, 'Graphite Chisel Points', from Joshua Smith. He is now living and working in Newquay and continuing to work with graphite, ink and oils.

The artwork produced at Limn Studio reflects our interest in John Ruskin, and aims to record personal observations in an accurate and consistent form. The work involves mainly the use of graphite and watercolour, sometimes combining the two, with interesting results.

Our graphites section has now moved to our Chiselpoints website where you can find information about our graphite techniques and a gallery of work. You can also find details of my book or teaching manual, which is available to buy.

Limn Studio

Limn Studio is more than a website name. It is an actual studio workspace of three separate rooms in the converted barn on the end of our house. It's where two Over Aged Painters spend most days playing with ideas from using a variety of materials, we call it experimenting and exploring, our friends and relatives call it PLAYING !

No matter, we are enjoying the time now available from organising fewer workshops and we would like to share with you some of the interests that we are now working on together. In sharing with you we are also inviting you to comment on the various subjects we will be posting on our Open Studio over the coming months, so please do get back to us and perhaps join us on one of our future workshops.


Visit our galleries - see links below:


A study of various techniques that can be achieved using a specially shaped graphite stick and various frottage materials.


Watercolour studies focusing on transparent colour mixing and other techniques.


Our new interest exploring the theme of beauty in decay and the imperfections of life.

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