Limn Studio, Lake District, Cumbria

Patrick Corbett, Local Artist

Limn Studio was set up in the Lake District to enable me to share examples of my work and teaching techniques. I like to work with aspiring artists and enjoy working alongside those with more experience, appreciating the opportunity to share ideas and the benefits which can arise from interaction. Over a number of years I have been working alongside a number of people who have shared the teaching on my workshops. Anne Robinson has taught with me and has contributed work to the galleries. We are to be joined on some of our future classes by Sarah Lace, who is particularly interested in illuminated lettering and stained glass work. We also have been fortunate to have contributions to the illustrations in our teaching notes book, 'Graphite Chisel Points', from Joshua Smith.

The artwork produced at Limn Studio reflects my interest in John Ruskin, and aims to record personal observations in an accurate and consistent form. The work involves the use of graphite and watercolour, sometimes combining the two, with interesting results.

Art Workshops

Limn Studio offers art workshops at various venues in Cumbria. They are designed to help and encourage artists of all levels of ability and experience. Because we make use of more than one tutor we can offer one to one tuition. We believe that most people can draw and paint if they are given the right kind of help and advice. The topics and materials vary depending particular interests and on the venue. But they always include direct teaching and lots of encouragement. Passing on what you know to others is how the world learns.


A particular interest is exploring the potential of graphite as a medium in its own right to achieve gradation and tonal value.


Watercolour studies are mainly representational, focusing on transparent colour mixing and the results that can be achieved by mixing on paper.

Illuminated Lettering

Patrick has developed a number of simple activities to help beginners design their own examples of lettering, using a full range of period styles.

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